Introverting Socially

Introverting Socially


Many the faux Meyers-Briggs tests I’ve taken online peg me as a full bodied INFJ. Introverted. Intuitive. Feeling. Judging. Basically I love to be alone to recharge, I’m organized and like to plan shit, ideas and concepts are my thing and I do all this based off my feelings and values. I approach both life and relationships this way. Often heading off to be alone with my tunes, my pen, or to binge watch a show I’ve seen far more than I’d like to admit. So it’s no surprise I’m the same way with social media and frequently excuse myself from the daily feeds.

I feel the way this cartoon does about the world a LOT. I can often be found recharging my social batteries and reveling in my creative process. In doing so, I often feel lost in a sea of extroverts who “ping” me with a constant barrage of updates on what is going on in their daily lives. From morning routines to boardrooms to daily dog walks I know their every move.

They’re ruling their worlds, it seems at times, far better than I am.  I don’t do social media like that. AT. ALL. In fact, I barely post much from my day to day activities if I decide to post anything. This makes it extremely hard to navigate the social media marketing that is needed to promote myself and my work. It feels like I’m over-selling myself or begging for attention. Both of which don’t come easy for me, I think I’m actually genetically opposed to it. lol 😉 Conceptualizing and creating is easy. It’s the feeling that I have to constantly be on social media to make even the slightest impact. The feeling that I have to constantly be “on” and engaging my followers to stay in the forefront of their minds.

I get overwhelmed trying to keep 3 or more platforms updated with all my work, links, and promo. From a newsletter, to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. etc. updated daily with 3 or more posts per day to feel like you’re staying relevant and a girl like me is T.I.R.E.D. I’m tired just thinking about all those posts. I also feel drained by all the energies I come across on my feed almost as if I’m physically interacting with these people. Which in a way I guess I am; and that can be suffocating. It feels like I’m drifting with no purpose when all I really want to do is just share my poetry with hopes that at least one person will connect with it or relate to it.

I don’t have a remedy for my being overwhelmed. I’ve tried scheduling posts and that helps a bit but isn’t the end all be all cure. Truthfully I’ve talked about hanging up my author hat a few times in the last couple of years. Just keeping the good ‘ole blog and/or Facebook as a way to share my poetry with others. Then at least I wouldn’t have to worry about marketing my books. But it is rewarding to have someone purchase your book. To know that your thoughts were worthy enough that they spent their hard earned coin on them.

I’m not sure if I’ll put out another book. But if you want to read more from me I’ll be here on the blog and/or Facebook. No more newsletter. Might even shut the Instagram down, who knows at this point. Sometimes less is more. And sometimes extroverts rule and we introverts just create. For now, I’m opting for creating.



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