Over the years I’ve had the pleasure to come in contact with so many wonderful and talented poets out here. All of them, myself included, indie authors. Sharing our love of ink with the world.

Poetry is always a hard sell to most people. Most people don’t quite understand our unique perspectives of life and the world. Even the legendary names in poetry had a tough time getting their works into mass readers hands, and probably still do.

Now imagine all the indie authors out here trying to get you to read their words. As a poet and indie author I believe most of us are quiet observers, introverts even. Many of us probably would keep our poetry to ourselves if we could. But most of us believe that our words have purpose in the world so we decide to share them in hopes that someone can connect with them.

My goal here is shed light on some of the wonderful, poetic talent in the world that I’ve had the pleasure (or will have the pleasure) to read. Hopefully these reviews will entice you to check out some poetry books and support an indie author in the process.

Please do not let my rating deter you from supporting these talented authors either. My reviews are still my personal opinion. If you love poetry, you should definitely support them.

If you’re interested in having me review your poetry book, feel free to use the contact me page. #loveandink

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