Tips to Save your Poetry Digitally

Tips to Save your Poetry Digitally

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A couple of weeks ago I wrote about losing my poetry. How I’ve had to start over a couple of times. I won’t rehash, you can read it HERE.

So I’m back with some things I do to make sure I never lose my library of poetry I’ve written again. Let’s get into it:

Invest in Hardware – Saving poetry to your PC is great, until the hard drive fails. So backup your poetry to an external hard drive (or three). It’s pretty easy to get a decent portable hard drive on Amazon now for under $30. Make the investment. I have THIS one because I have lots of photos and other files that I don’t want to lose either.

Cloud Based Backups – Use an online source to backup as well. Just like PC hard drives, externals can fail, and they will. Take my word for it. With OneDrive, Google Drive etc. there’s lots of options now for cloud based backups.

Free Backups – If money is an issue, there’s at least one sure way to keep your poetry safe without paying a dime. Email the poetry to yourself. When you write a poem, email a copy to your email address and then create a folder to save them all. After my last hard drive fail in 2014 I started doing this.

There’s a few tips to backup your poetry, if they help you, let me know. Drop a few lines below.


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