My only goal is to shed light on the wonderful poetic talent that is out there today.

my review policy

  1. I review POETRY ONLY.
  2. I love paperbacks …but will accept PDF copies or Kindle.
  3. I review in the order I receive requests.
  4. I am ONE woman. I have a job, family, etc. and reviews will take time to be completed. I cannot give definite time frames for when I will post the review, if you need quick turnarounds, then please do not submit a request.
  5. There is no guarantee that I will accept your book.
  6. I will respond to ALL requests, even if I cannot accept your book at this time.
  7. Email Subject Line should say: POETRY REVIEW REQUEST

my review process

  1. I will post my review on Amazon and my blog. If your book is on Goodreads I will post there as well.
  2. I will share your book cover and a short review on my Instagram.
  3. I will give my honest and constructive review with love.
  4. I support indie authors and will purchase books as my funds permit.